Code of Conduct


Imagine you’re at an event where your boss sits down.  Then their boss.  Then your childhood hero.  Then your 8 year old self appears along with your 15 year old self.  How would you behave?  How would you ask them questions and interact with them?  What kind of deference, kindness, honesty, and respect would you show them and expect to be shown?  Take that mindset and apply it at our events, and you’ll have a decent start to how you should treat others.  Oh, and if you start being disruptive to the event, we reserve the right to remove you without refund.  

Questions/comments/concerns?  codeofconduct[ at ]
Emergency?  Contact local authorities and always be mindful of applicable laws.


WorkshopCon was created to connect world class trainers with the InfoSec community on technical topics.  We partner with quality trainers and organize, promote, and provide structure to our events held for professionals in the InfoSec community.

Our goal is to maintain  a professional  environment to promote learning and collaboration among individuals looking to improve themselves technically and grow their careers and skills. Everyone is welcome at these events provided they are able to conduct themselves in a professional manner, and treat others with dignity and respect. Harassment of any kind, disrespectful or discriminatory behavior has no place in a professional setting and is not welcome at our events.  We reserve the right to eject disruptive individuals from an event without a refund if you violate the above.

Everyone attending WorkshopCon events should have a reasonable expectation of privacy. As such - obtain permission for any photography, video or audio recording by all parties within the shot/recording...

Individuals must comply with federal, state and local laws as well as venue specific rules and by-laws.

In case of an emergency, alert local authorities immediately. If you are feeling unsafe or want to report an incident you witnessed please find WorshopCon staff immediately or send a description of events to codeofconduct[ at ] immediately. A delay in communication can diminish our ability to handle the situation effectively and in a timely manner.

Failure to obey the directions of an event organizer which may jeopardize the safety of the event attendees may result in an automatic ejection from the venue without refund.

Any individual who is showing signs of unacceptable behavior(*) can removed from the premises immediately at the sole discretion of the organizers. No refund will be issued for individuals who violate these rules.

This code of conduct is not a comprehensive document but should serve as a simple guideline for expected behavior for all persons involved.

(*) Determination of acceptable or unacceptable behavior are in WorkshopCon's sole discretion and the decision of the WorkshopCon staff will be final.  Generally speaking, be professional and courteous.



Harassment, Offensive Language, Discrimination, Lewd behavior, Intimidation, Stalking, Interruption of event by excessive or aggressive comments/questions, Unprofessional attire, Weapons, Sexual or sexually suggestive language, etc… 


Show respect for all, avoid being unnecessarily disruptive or distracting, don't do any of the things mentioned in the bad column. Help others. Seek help if you need some. Treat others as you would like to be treated or regarded.  If you see a problem, be proactive and provide a practical solution or suggestion in good faith.